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Our brain is the body’s most valuable organ. Optimal brain function is absolutely necessary to be able to live and develop in our modern society.

Save Your Brain Now is a powerful, and inspiring book that gives you insight, and advice on how you can help your brain. It focuses on impaired cognitive functions, and how you can prevent and develop these conditions.

The book also contains valuable tips and effective advice for other ailments linked to a broken brain such as Parkinson’s, M.S., ADHD, depression, and more.

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Save your Brain Now offers hope and a concrete plan to optimize brain function for those of us at any age.

The brain is dynamic and exposed to the right environment, we can often reverse or stop the development of cognitive decline and Alzheimer’s disease.

Peter Wilhelmsson and Hayde Bolouri have written in a way that is science-based yet easy to understand. This book has the depth of a textbook for those of us who want to dive deep.

Save your Brain Now explores the complex relationship between the brain and our other organs, insulin resistance, genetics, daily toxin exposure, and our lifestyle.

This is followed by the many valuable tips to enhance your brain function with the Brain Reset Now diet, lifestyle changes, and individualized programs.


“Adding to the richness of this book, are the stunning illustrations and cartoons created by Richelle Wilhelmsson. These allow us to “see” the brain and to demystify the complex physiology. I find myself getting lost in the beauty of these illustrations and the human body. This book is a must for anyone who wants to protect their brain or if you or your loved ones are already showing signs of cognitive decline. Clinicians will want to keep this on their shelves to use as a reference.”

Liz Lipski

PhD, CNS, IFMCP Author of Digestive Wellness. Prof. at Maryland University of Integrative Health

“This book gives deep knowledge into our complex and the most magic universe — the brain Valuable tools are given for improving our brain function and quality of life.”
Bitten Jonsson

R.N., Addiction Specialist, author of several books Sugar addiction, including Sugar Bomb

Save Your Brain Now is not only a wonderful read, informative and inspiring but also a font of functional medicine wisdom put into everyday practicality with robust, evidence-based tips, tools, and ways to get started immediately with healing the brain.”

Deanna Minich

PhD, CNS, IFMCP, author of Whole Detox

“Finally, some little light at the end of the tunnel regarding one of the century’s fastest-growing groups of diseases, which is devastating not only for victims and their families but also extremely burdensome for the national economy.”

Stig Bengmark

M.D. Ph.D. surgeon and author of several Nutrition and lifestyle books

“Fantastic book, easy to read and well written. A rich and beautifully illustrated book that inspires. Fascinating reading about the complexity of the brain and how we can ensure optimal brain function.”

Sanna Ehdin

Ph.D. Immunologist and author of 16 health books

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496 pages about how you can save your brain.